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Exclusive/Non-Exclusive HTML5 Games

HTML5 Games Licensed

Try out some of Arctic Arcades HTML5 games which have been developed exclusively for our clients.

BombIt TD
Doomsday Defender
Mini Golf : Hole in one club
Lumber Runner
Monster Masher
Trump - The Mexican Wall
Trump has fallen
Where's the Word
What's the Word
What's the Word Christmas
Flamingo Surfers
Cave Diver
Cluster Fudge
Couple Compatibility
No Right Turn
My Sweet Xmas
Rotation Reflex
Up and Down

If you are looking for html5 games to license for your websites, please contact us. Some of our non-exclusive licenses available to buy include:

Coffee Time
Toasty Time

When you get mail to your #indiedev email address from a stranger, and it's NOT spam.

Meet The Team

Arctic Arcade are a group of Indie Game Developers from every corner of the world. We make fun, quality games for you to enjoy. If you have any feedback or comments, or would like to see something new please drop us an email.

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